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These terms were last updated:21/06/2021

Thank you for choosing Love Island Fit


The Love Island Fit app subscriptions are an “in-app purchase” via either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The subscriptions renew automatically, and you will be clearly advised of this by the Play Store of your choice before subscribing. Please see below for further details on how to terminate your subscription.

Your account will be linked to the Apple ID or Google Play Store ID used to purchase the subscription. We do not permit sharing logins. For this reason sharing accounts or logins is not possible, and doing so may result in being charged twice or termination of your subscriptions. We cannot transfer accounts to a different App Store ID, and you will be required to cancel your existing account and resubscribe with the desired ID.


“Services”, “App” and “Product” - any services operated by Love Island Fit, available via the website [www.loveislandfit.com], or any other website, platform or device. This includes all classes with Islanders and/or Personal Trainers. Devices include iOS and Android. Other services may include social media, community channels and customer support. Relating to the Love Island Fit App, and any related digital Products. Physical products, such as branded goods, fitness equipment and any items purchased via JD Sports within the Get The Look feature are governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party responsible for the purchase. We are not responsible for the purchase, dispatch, delivery or return of any physical products.

“Terms” - Our terms apply to the Services listed above, for users with registered accounts in the Love Island Fit app, and unregistered users who visit our site or Products. By registering as an app user, you enter into a legally binding contract between yourself and Love Island Fit. By using our Services, you are also agreeing that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy and Medical Disclaimer.


In using the Services, you will be entitled, subject to these Terms, to access features, materials and content made available by us via the app on any device capable of hosting the app which may include mobile devices and tablet, provided that the Device meets the minimum system requirements referred to in the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT section below

We reserve the right to change, suspend, remove or disable access to any content or other materials on our App. In no event shall we be liable to you for the removal or disabling of such Content or other materials on the Service and/or Website.

To continually improve the app, we may need to release updates, fix bugs, and carry out general maintenance. We will endeavour to operate scheduled maintenance during periods where we anticipate low levels of online use. We will also need to be able to do emergency maintenance or suspend access to the App where required. It is always our priority to get the App back in action as soon as possible.

If you breach any of the Terms we may immediately suspend your account and your access to the App. If we reasonably believe that you have breached any of these Terms we may delete your account. If we cancel your use of the app, such cancellation shall be immediate and without notice or refund, and you must still cancel the subscription on your own device via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to prevent any further billing.


The Love Island Fit app is compatible with most popular phones and tablets. You must install the app on a compatible device running one of the following operating systems:

Apple iOS 13 or higher

Android OS 8.0 or higher

There are a number of devices that, despite meeting the requirements above, have compatibility issues that are out of our control - meaning that the App may not function as intended. These devices include Huawei and Xiaomi devices.

To be able to use the App you will require an internet connection. We cannot take responsibility for slow internet, lack of 4G/5G or connection outages.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to comply with any technical requirements that must be met for you to access the app. We accept no responsibility for any lack of functionality of the App due to your equipment (including, but not limited to, your phone, internet connection (Wi-fi), mobile data, operating system or settings and software.

Our apps are designed for use on Apple and Android devices, and can be purchased through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.


You agree that all sales by us to you of subscriptions are final and that we will not refund any transaction once it has been made. We are unable to offer refunds for accidental purchases, unused subscriptions or medical conditions.

You must cancel at least 48 hours before your billing rollover date to prevent an unwanted charge. We are unable to cancel your subscription for you, and this will need to be completed through the App Store you used to purchase the subscription. See below on how to cancel your subscription.

Subscriptions will renew automatically through the payment method used to purchase the subscription, unless you cancel the subscription 48 hours or more before your billing rollover date. The renewed subscription will last for a period equal to the original term.

We may change the pricing for the subscriptions offered through the App at any time.

To cancel your subscription on an Apple Device;

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap Subscriptions.
  • Tap the subscription you want to manage.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.
  • If you can’t see Cancel anywhere on the screen (ensure you’ve scrolled all the way down to the bottom), the subscription has already been cancelled and won't be renewed.

To cancel your subscription on an Android Device;

  • Manage your subscriptions on Google Play.
  • Open the Google Play app.
  • At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  • Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Tap Cancel subscription.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you pay through Paypal or another Third Party payment provider through the App Store, please consult their documentation on how to cancel a recurring payment.

Free Trials and Offers

We may offer discounts or free trials related to the purchase of the App. All offers and trials will be subject to their respective eligibility criteria and will only be granted at our discretion. Free Trials will roll over into a fully paid subscription if it is not cancelled no less than 48 hours before the billing rollover date.

If we suspend or terminate your account in accordance with these terms you may lose the remainder of any subscription remaining and we will not compensate you for this loss or make any refund to you.


You hereby waive, release, covenant not to claim, and discharge us from any and all claims arising out of your participation in any of the fitness content on the Love Island Fit app. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you agree that your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to the Medical Disclaimer.

The Love Island Fit app offers access to fitness content, and users can participate in on-demand video classes as well as how-to guides for individual exercises relating to your form. The content of our App is not intended to replace or be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis or treatment. All content of our App has been created for information purposes only.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health you should always contact your doctor. If you experience dizziness, pain, feeling faint or shortness of breath at any time you must stop physical activity immediately and consult your doctor before resuming. We strongly recommend consulting a doctor before commencing any fitness programmes.

The Love Island Fit app is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical diagnosis and treatment. The content of the app is for education and entertainment purposes only. You agree that by participating in any of the activities instructed in the app, there exists a possibility of physical injury. If you engage in these exercises, you agree to do so at your own risk.

Subject to any rights granted by UK Consumer Law, you agree to discharge Love Island Fit of all liability for any and all claims and causes of injury including for any and all injury, loss or damage of whatsoever nature including; personal injury, data or loss of income to the extent permitted by UK law where negligent or otherwise.

If you are pregnant, post-natal or breastfeeding, please consult a doctor or medical professional before commencing a fitness regime.

You agree to indemnify us from any claim, liability or expense arising from an injury or health problem that may arise from the use of our App.


The Terms cover the use of the Love Island Fit app, and related website www.loveislandfit.com).

We are not responsible for the purchase, dispatch, delivery or return of any physical products. Please contact the Third Party (JD Sports) in regards to any physical products purchased through the app.

Prices, descriptions or availability of the Product is outlined in the App stores.


For more information on how we process your personal data and who we share it with, please read our Privacy Policy [Privacy Policy].


To get in touch with our technical support team, please email support@loveislandfit.com.